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School Entry Requirements

Our school admits children who can’t attend mass schools for their life and family reasons and for their individual characteristics, and that’s why they need individualistic learning. There are children such as:
Those who study at home;
Those who are not adapted to school and have large knowledge gaps;
Those who live in geographically remote regions and in regions which are distant from schools;
Those who are moved to external sector or individual form of education;
Those who live outside Ukraine temporarily or permanently ;
Those who miss classes in connection with the frequent departures (for taking part in competitions, contests, fests etc.)

The following documents  are required of pupils wishing to be admitted to the school:

Application of parents or persons in loco parentis
Pupil’s personnel file and the report card
Certificate of Educational Achievement (basic secondary education) for those who are enrolled in 10 and 11 classes
Copy of birth certificate or passport
Medical certificate
Those who study abroad should add educational certificates from foreign schools (if you have them)


Admition to school doesn’t depend on pupil’s place of residence and location.
Documents may be apply to the school or send by courier service.
Documents of those who live outside Ukraine or live in other regions of Ukraine may be sent by e-mail with further sending of their originals copies during 1 month.