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About us

Odessa private school of general education (primary, secondary and high school) “Voshozhdenie” is the first online-school in Ukraine, is the quickly developing project – the distance learning of pupils at home according to authorial methodology «DIALOGUE-STUDYING» and according to other distance learning forms.
During the organization of lessons and dosing of learning load the pupil’s individual characteristics are taken into consideration. The lessons are held individually, online, every-day according to the time-table, which is coordinated with parents.
The school creates conditions for real implementation of individual learning. The conditions of constant individual contact of teacher with only one pupil (unlike the contact in class collective environment, which appears in mass school) provides non-stop active dialogue between teacher and pupil, ensuring knowledge and complying the tasks by pupil according to his/her individual rate of development.
Our systematic distance learning system provides everyday individual contacting of teacher and child, constructing the lesson as a dialogue between teacher and pupil (Video lessons can’t provide such effect. They are illustrative, interesting teacher’s monologue, but there is a passive children’s perception of educational material), and using of interactive learning forms due to Internet.
One of our principles is a cooperation and a collaboration among teachers and parents. Before the learning process starts the interview with parents about child’s personality characteristics is conducted. Systematic communication between parents and teachers is carried out during the whole learning process.
The benefits of learning at our school:
We create individual learning style by free learning time – in the morning, afternoon and evening;
Low prices;
Constant individual contact between teacher and pupil during the whole lesson
Teacher’s work with the child according to the individual program, which takes into consideration his/her knowledge, individual characteristics and cognitive interests
Making time available for sport and creativity.
The school cooperates with authoritative Ukrainian and international psychological and pedagogical organizations.
Our aim is not only to provide knowledge to pupils but also to teach to think, to be independent and competent in the searching of knowledge, to make our pupils spiritually and culturally rich, social-active and creative people.
Individual contact with pupil helps teacher to focus the lesson’s content not on the middle-pupil level, but on the concrete pupil’s personality, who has some knowledge and development level, who has his/her own cognitive interests , and it provides the individually oriented approach to child.
According to this aim we create an individual learning program for every pupil which takes into consideration his/her knowledge and individual characteristics, intellectual and educational capacity of child and his/her abilities and health status.
Learning process at our school doesn’t depend on pupil’s location.
Our pupils live in Ukraine, and also in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
Learning process is held according to the national learning programs of Ukraine with taking into consideration the individual pupil’s characteristics in Ukrainian and Russian.
The school issues an official State certificate of educational level.


Our contacts +38 (048) 787 27 73; +38 (093) 022 30 77; +38 (094) 94 75 773; E-mail: shodzhenyaschool @ gmail. com